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Siku ya Wanawake Duniani 8 machi 2015


Tarehe 8 Machi ya kila mwaka, Tanzania huungana na nchi nyingine…

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Legal Capacity

In Tanzania women’s legal and human rights were constrained by inadequate legal literacy among women. The main reason being that…

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Gender and Employment

Women and men have been found to enter the labour force in different ways, and on different terms, not only in Tanzania, but worldwide.…

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Community Development Training Institutes – CDTI/FDC

Community Development Training Institutes – CDTI/FDC

Is a collective of community development practitioners dedicated to creating and implementing realistic and realizable community development strategies.

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Welcome to MCDGC

This Ministry was formed in 1990, originally Ministry of Community Development, Women and Children, with the view of empowering people to recognize their own ability to understand themselves and their environment, change their attitudes positively, so that they can take a leading role geared at increased responsibility in improving and managing their living conditions effectively and efficiently.

The Ministry has gone through several structure changes since, and currently operates through six divisions:
- The Community Development Division, dealing with Community Development Policy, Community Development Colleges, Appropriate Technology, Self Help Projects and Health Sanitation and Water.
- The Gender Development Division, which is split into two sections dealing with Gender Mainstreaming and Women Development.
- The Children Development Division, which again has two sections, Children Development and Family Development.
- The Policy and Planning Division,…