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1988 - TE024

Women, technology and rural productivity: an analysis on the impact of time and energy saving Technologies on women, Marilyn Carr and Ruby Sandhu

by: Carr, MarilynSandhu, Ruby
Descriptors: Economics; Household; Agriculture; Food security; Technology; Project evaluation; Women
1993 - HR025

Women and the law in Malawi, The National Commission on Women in Development

Descriptors: Women; Land; Legislation; Women's status; Marriage; Children; Children's rights; Violence against women; Land ownership; Women's rights; Case studies
1993 - HR024

Report of the commission on violations of human rights in NAFCO wheat farms Hananng District, Ministry of Agriculutre and Food

Descriptors: Human rights; Women's rights; Legislation; Rural areas; Work; Case studies
2002 - HR023

Mwongozo wa kutoa elimu ya sheria ya ardhi ya vijiji ya mwaka 1999, Wizara ya Ardhi na maendeleo ya makazi

Translated Title: A guide which provide education on land law in the villages
Descriptors: Legislation; Land; Land ownership; Rural areas; Education; Case studies
1998 - HT089

Government/ NGO collaboration in primary health care: effectiveness of government /NGO collaboration in selected countries in Asia, by Godwin O. Eni

by: Eni, Godwin O.
Descriptors: NGO; Health; Education; Work; Women; Women's roless; Health services; Case studies
1997 - ET113

A contradiction to government plan on health for all by year 2000 and a challenge for public discussion: government stand on private nursing schools, Julius H. M. Chami

by: Chami, Julius H. M.
Descriptors: Legislation; Training; Economics; Human rights; Education; Women's rights; Access to education; Technology; Work; Religion; Health; Wages; Case Studies
1999 - GE304

Questionnaire to Governments on implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action: Botswana country report, by Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs

Descriptors: Gender; Equal opportunity; Women; Women's empowerment; Poverty; Economics; Women's participation; Marriage; Violence against women; Education; Training; Health; Girlchild; Development; Women's rights; Human rights; Household; Women headed household; Case studies
1995 - DV112

The Copenhagen declaration and programme of action: world summit for social development, UNDP

Descriptors: Development; Social development; Poverty; Environment; Work; Human rights; Equal opportunity; Economics; Access to education; Education; Health
1999 - GE303

Report of the Economic Commision for Africa (ECA) on the progress made in the implementation of the Dakar and Beijing Platform for Action, ECA

Descriptors: Women; Economics; Plans of action; Women's empowerment; Training; Mainstreaming; Development
1990 - CH114

Statements by heads of state or government at the world summit for children, UNICEF

by: | ISBN: 92-806-0069-9
Descriptors: Children; Children's rights; Child care; Child development
n.d - GE302

National report on progress made in the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action: Ghana, ECA

Descriptors: Gender; Equal opportunity; Women; Women's empowerment; Poverty; Economics; Plans of action; Girlchild; Education; Health; Environment; Violence against women; Peace; Human rights; Media; Women's participation; Politics; Case studies
1999 - GE339

Gender, growth and poverty reduction: special program of assistance for Africa, 1998 status report on poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa, by C. Mark Blackden and Chitra Bhanu

by: Blackden, C. MarkBhanu, Chitra | ISSN: 0253-7494
Descriptors: Gender; Economics; Poverty alleviation
1999 - GE301

The political empowerment of women: summary, ECA

Descriptors: Women; Women's empowerment; Politics; Women's participation
1997 - HR022

Country paper on gender and law: the case of land in Tanzania, MCDWAC

Descriptors: Gender; Women; Legislation; Land; Rural areas; Women's rights; Land ownership; Marriage; Property rights; Children; Children's rights; Religion; Economics; Case studies
2000 - HT077

Shinda malaria: mwongozo wa jamii kuhusu udhibiti wa malaria, Wizara ya Afya

Descriptors: Health conditions; Community development; Health; Children; Pregnancy; Case studies
2000 - GE240

Measures taken to eradicate violence against women and children in swaziland: in compliance with the SADC addendum on the eradication of violence against women and children: a draft, Thembayena Dlamini

by: Dlamini, Thembayena
Descriptors: Violence against women; Children; Gender; Economics; Politics; Women; Legislation; Work; Women's empowerment; Health; Disabled women; Media; Human rights; Women's rights; Environment; NGO; Child abuse; Domestic violence; Marriage; Women's status; Pregnancy; Divorce; Child labour; Equal opportunity; Case studies
2000 - CH113

The International conference on war affected children, Winnipeg

Descriptors: Children; War; Child abuse; Violence against women; Adolescents; Household; Economics; Migration; Refugees; Women; Girlchild; Media
2001 - HT076

Diagnosis and treatment of malaria: a handbook for clinicians, Ministry of Health

Translated Title: Tiba sahihi ya malaria: mwongozo kwa wahudumu wa jamii
Descriptors: Health conditions; Pregnancy; Children; Women; Case studies
1999 - HT045

Tanzania reproductive and child health, National Bureau of Statistics

Descriptors: Economics; Population; Health; Family planning; Household; Aged; Child labour; Education; Housing; Media; Work; Children; Adolescents; Pregnancy; Fertility; Contraceptive methods; Marriage; Reproductive health; Infants; Infant mortality; Nutrition; Breastfeeding; AIDS; Case studies
2000 - GE338

Learning by sharing: the secretary-general report of the 1999 on the implementation of the 1995 commonwealth plan of action on gender and development, Commonwealth Secretariat

Descriptors: Mainstreaming; Human rights; Women's participation; Peace; Political participation; Equal opportunity; Plans of action
2000 - HT068

African health monitor: WHO declares war on malaria, Samuel T. Ajibola

by: Ajibola, Samuel T., ed
Descriptors: Pregnancy; Health; Health conditions; Legislation; Economics; AIDS
1999 - GE239

Holy presence: the twenty year activities of women in the Islamic republic of Iran, Touba Kermani

by: Kermani, Touba | ISBN: 964-472-184-5
Descriptors: Girlchild; Women; Women's participation; Education; Religion; Women's status; Economics; Work; Case studies
1998 - EE018

Towards an East African Community Development Initiative: proceedings of sub regional workshop, United Nations Centre for Human Settlements(Habitat)

by: | ISBN: 92-1-131417-8
Descriptors: Community development; Environment; Economics; Basic needs; Case studies
2000 - CH102

Poverty reduction begins with children, UNICEF

Descriptors: Poverty; Children; Human rights; AIDS; Education; Nutrition; Health; Economics
2000 - GE238

Gender and development: 1999/2000 progress report, SADC

by: | ISBN: 99912-80-47-2
Descriptors: Gender; Women; Politics; Economics; Legislation; Human rights; Women's rights; Women's empowerment; Case studies
Ministry of Community Development Gender and Children - Women Information Center