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1999 - GE337

Sub-regional follow-up meeting on the implementation of the Dakar and Beijing Platform for Action Eastern and Southern Africa: report, ECA

Descriptors: Gender; Plans of action; Development; Women; Economics; Women's empowerment; Land; Land ownership
2001 - GE300

Domestic violence in the Republic of Mauritius, by S.O.S Femmes

Descriptors: Women; Violence against women; Domestic violence; Population; Access to education; Work; Family; Legislation; Poverty; Children; Case studies
1994 - GE237

Conference papers on priority issues: women in the peace process, ECA

Descriptors: Politics; War; Women; Peace; Plans of action; Refugees; Social services; Violence against women; Children; Gender; Social justice; Education; Gender discrimination; Women's empowerment; Civil rights; Girlchild
1994 - HT041

Psychological perspectives on women's health, edited by Vincent J. Adesso, Diane M. Reddy and Raymond Fleming

by: Adesso, Vincent J, ed.Reddy, Diane M., edFleming, Raymond, ed | ISBN: 1-56032-335-3
Descriptors: Health; Women; Gender; AIDS
1999 - ET112

Huria, The Open University of Tanzania

by: | ISSN: 0856-6739
Descriptors: Education; Gender; Equal opportunity; Access to education; Economics; Family; Women headed household; Women's empowerment; Case studies
1991 - GE280

Familia ndogo uwe na mama, baba na watoto wachache tu: kwa afya bora, elimu bora na maisha marefu baadae, by Shani Gray

by: Gray, Shani
Descriptors: Family; Children; Health; Nutrition; Women
1994 - GE236

Conference papers on priority issues: economic empowerment of women, ECA

Descriptors: Gender; Economics; Women; Environment; Work; Access to education; Market; Agriculture; Urban areas; Women's rights; Land; Informal sector; Credit
1998 - GE187

Negotiating reproductive rights: women's perspectives across countries and cultures, edited by Rosalind P. Petchesky and Karen Judd

by: Petchesky, Rosalind, edJudd, Karen, ed | ISBN: 1-85649-536-1
Descriptors: Women; Reproductive rights; Pregnancy; Population; Gender; Education; Work; Health; Marriage; Family
1997 - CH112

Adolescent girls and their rights, ECA

Descriptors: Girlchild; Children; Children's rights; Adolescents; Health; Nutrition; Reproductive health; Human rights; Women's empowerment
2001 - EW105

Hali ya uchumi wa Taifa katika mwaka 200, Tume ya Mipango

Descriptors: Economics; Development; Poverty; Land; Health; Community development; Case studies
1997 - GE248

Report on the SADC gender strategy workshop in the preparation for the council of ministers' meeting, SADC

Descriptors: Gender; Women; Development; Mainstreaming; Gender planning; Gender training; Economics; Violence against women; Credit; Politics; Health; AIDS; Disabled women; Education; Media; Environment; Human rights; Equal opportunity
1998 - GE185

Gender and technology: empowering women, engendering development, Saskia Everts

by: Everts, Saskia | ISBN: 1 85649 658 9
Descriptors: Gender; Technology; Women's empowerment; Development; Training; Health
1993 - CH111

Children in shadow, Marie Dorigny

by: Dorigny, Marie | ISBN: 2-86234-126-6
Descriptors: Children; Child labour; Child abuse; Family; Human rights; Children's rights; Poverty
1996 - EW104

Taarifa ya tume ya kero ya rushwa nchini, President's Office

Descriptors: Education; Health; Work; Land; Legislation; Case studies
2000 - GE235

Zambia's progress report on the implementation of the 1998 SADC addendum on the prevention and eradication of violence against women and children, SADC

Descriptors: Economics; Religion; Politics; Legislation; Education; Training; Women; AIDS; Poverty; Women's participation; Violence against women; Child abuse; Case studies
1998 - GE191

Women, families, and feminist politics: a global exploration, Kate Conway-Turner and Suzanne Cherrin

by: Conway-Turner, KateCherrin, Suzanne | ISBN: 1-56023-935-2
Descriptors: Women; Family; Politics; Violence against women; Health; Economics
1991 - AG061

Big slavery: agribusiness and the crisis in women's Employment in Tanzania, Marjorie Mbilinyi

by: Mbilinyi, Marjorie | ISBN: 9976 60 077 1
Descriptors: Women; Economics; Work; Agriculture; Agriculture projects; Women's participation; Rural areas; Urban; Gender; Food; Case studies
n.d - ET093

Mwongozo wa haki za kisheria kwa wanawake wa Afrika: kiongozi cha mkufunzi, Florence Butengwa na Sydia Nduna

by: Butengwa, FlorenceNduna, Sydia
Descriptors: Human rights; Women; Women's rights; Legislation; Development; Women's empowerment; Training; Education; Case studies
2000 - GE234

Beyond inequalities: women in Angola, Southern African Research and Documentation Centre (SARDC)

by: | ISBN: 0-7974-1750-8
Descriptors: Women's status; Development strategy; Case studies
1998 - ET074

Wow women on the web: a guide to gender-related resources on the internet, Helen Fallon

by: Fallon, Helen | ISBN: 1-898473-91-9
Descriptors: Women; Gender; Technology; Feminism; Education; Training
1997 - HR021

Advancing the human rights of women: using international human rights standards in domestic litigation, edited by Andrew Byrnes, Jane Connors and Lum Bik

by: Byrnes, Andrew, edConnors, Jane, edBik, Lum, ed | ISBN: 0-85092-515-0
Descriptors: Human rights; Women; Gender discrimination; Domestic violence; Girlchild; War; Sexual abuse; Family
1999 - GE298

Synthesis of the national progress reports on the implementation of the Dakar and Beijing Platforms for Action: executive summary, ECA

Descriptors: Women; Plans of action; AIDS
1998 - GE233

Gender and Development: a declaration by heads of state or Government of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and prevention and eradication of violence against women and children: an addendum to the 1997 declaration on gender and development by SADC heads of state or government, SADC

Descriptors: Gender; Development; Human rights; Reproductive health; Girlchild; Violence against women; Women's rights; Equal opportunity; Education; Politics; Case studies
1998 - GE184

Gender in water resources management, water supply and sanitation: roles and realities revisited

by: Van Wijk-Sijbesma, Christine | ISBN: 90-6687-027-3
Descriptors: Gender; Water; Poverty; Nutrition
1992 - CH053

Uganda national programme of action for children: priorities for social services sector development in the 1990s and implementation plan 1992/93 - 1994/95, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning

Descriptors: Economics; Health; Nutrition; Water; Environment; Education; Children; Child care; Gender; Disabled children; Household; Case studies
Ministry of Community Development Gender and Children - Women Information Center