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1997 - GE335

Gender equity in education: a report by the gender equity task team, AnnMarie Wolpe, Orla Quinlan and Lyn Martinez

by: Wolpe, AnnMarieQuinlan, OrlaMartinez, Lyn | ISBN: 0-7970-3576-1
Descriptors: Gender; Equal opportunity; Children; Adolescents; Child development; Education; Training; Disabled women; Disabled children; Violence against women; Discrimination; Women; Legislation
1999 - GE297

Women's vital role in culture, the family and socialisation: thematic assessment reports on the implementation of the priority areas of the Dakar/Beijing Platforms for Action, ECA

Descriptors: Women; Women's roless; Family; Plans of action; Women's empowerment; Household; Education; Women's participation; AIDS; Poverty
1997 - CH093

International youth essay contest: promoting responsible reproductive health behaviour, UNFPA

by: | ISBN: 0-89714-428-7
Descriptors: Marriage; AIDS; Adolescents; Pregnancy; Education; Sexuality; Sex education; Gender; Equal opportunity; Women; Women's empowerment
1999 - GE183

Global gender issues, V. Spike Peterson and Anne Sisson Runyan

by: Peterson, V. SpikeRunyan, Anne Sisson | ISBN: 0-8133-6852-9
Descriptors: Gender; Politics; Women; Land
1993 - Gp015

Mpango wa taifa wa utekelezaji: kufanikisha malengo ya watoto wa Tanzania ifikapo mwaka 2000, Kamati ya Taifa ya Uratibu wa Uhai, Hifadhi na Maendeleo ya Mtoto (KUT/UHMM)

Descriptors: Watoto; Wanawake; Government policy
1999 - CH110

Haki za watoto Tanzania: tumtendee mtoto yaliyo mema, R. V. Makaramba

by: Makaramba, R. V.
Descriptors: Children; Children's rights; Access to education; Education; Family; Child care; Child abuse; Child development; Inheritance; War; Case studies
1999 - GE296

Institutional mechanism for the advancement of women: sumary of the preliminary assessment report, ECA

Descriptors: Women; Plans of action; Gender; NGO; Women's empowerment
2000 - GE232

Beijing +5 Women 2000: Equality, development and peace, UNICEF

Descriptors: Women's status; Girlchild; UN world conferences; Beijing; Case studies
1999 - GE182

Constitutionalism and popular democracy, by Evod Mmanda

by: Mmanda, Evod
Descriptors: Politics; Gender; Women's participation; Women's empowerment
1991 - CH052

Ripoti ya washa ya wabunge juu ya haki, uhai, ulinzi na maendeleo ya watoto, MCDWAC

Descriptors: Children; AIDS; Disabled children; Education; Children's rights; Child care; Case studies
1996 - CH109

Growing together: a guide for parents and youth, Wilfred Amalemba...[et al]

by: Amalemba, Wilfred
Descriptors: Adolescents; Children; AIDS; Gender; Violence against women; Pregnancy; Abortion; Girlchild; Health
1999 - GE299

Women, communication, information and arts: summary, ECA

Descriptors: Women; Plans of action; Gender; Women's participation; Women's empowerment
2000 - GE231

Beijing +5: an overview of the European union follow-up and preparations: employment and social affairs: equality between women and men, European Commission

by: | ISBN: 92-828-9418-5
Descriptors: UN World conferences; Women; Poverty; Education; Training; Health; Violence against women; War; Economics; Human rights; Women's rights; Women's empowerment; Girlchild; Environment; Media; Women's participation; Gender
1999 - GE181

Political empowerment of women in Tanzania: a critique of affirmative action, by Juius C. V. Sabuni

by: Sabuni, Julius C. V.
Descriptors: Human rights; Political participation; Women's empowerment
1992 - CH051

The child cannot wait: a national programme of action on the follow-up to the world summit for children, Government of Ghana

Descriptors: Children; Plans of action; Government policy
1986 - DV111

Women in Development: a case of Finnish Aid to Tanzania, Anja Toivola

by: Toivola, Anja | ISBN: 951-46-88015
Descriptors: Women; Development; Gender; Work; Women's participation; Project financing; Project management; Social participation; Case studies
1997 - CH103

The progress of Nations: the nations of the world ranked according to their achievements in child health, nutrition, education, water and sanitation, and progress for women, UNICEF

by: | ISBN: 92-806-3314-7
Descriptors: Children; Women; Health; Nutrition; Breastfeeding; AIDS; Education; Social justice; Development; Children's rights
1999 - GE230

SADC gender monitor: monitoring implementation of the beijing commitments by SADC member states, SARDC

by: | ISBN: 1-77910-003-5
Descriptors: Gender; Women; Women's empowerment; Economics; Human rights; Women's rights; Legislation; Violence against women; Education; Health; Development; Children
1999 - GE180

National report on progress made in implementing the platform for action (PFA), Economic Commission for Africa(ECA)

Descriptors: Women; Poverty; Health; Economics; Media; Violence against women; Education; Training; Human rights; Environment; Women's rights; Women's empowerment
1992 - CH050

Africa's children, Africa's future: background sectoral papers, UNICEF

by: | ISBN: 92-806-2028-2
Descriptors: Children's status; Nutrition; Water; Maternal-child health; Education; Girlchild
1997 - GE121

Budgetary process in Tanzania with a gender perspective, Fatima S. Kiongosya

by: Kiongosya, Fatima
Descriptors: Economics; Development projects; Gender
n.d - GE334

Women's contribution to a culture of peace: statement, UNESCO

Descriptors: Women; Women's participation; Peace; Violence against women; Economics; Equal opportunity; Education; Gender; Media; Girlchild
1998 - HT075

Strategic framework for the protection of women and children against HIV/AIDS/STD 1998-2001, MCDWAC

Descriptors: AIDS; Women; Children; Population; Health; Economics; Development; Plans of action; Case studies
1997 - EW097

The community development process in Tanzania: an analysis of needs, social-economic projects and educational strategies among women in four rural districts, by Florence Kathuurwa Ghamunga

by: Ghamunga, Florence Kathuurwa
Descriptors: Community development; Rural women; Poverty; Education; Access to education; Development; Economics; Women's participation; Project evaluation
1998 - ET115

Implementation handbook for the convention on the rights of the child. Prepared for UNICEF, Rachel Hodgkin; Peter Newell

Translated Title: Kijitabu cha utekelezaji wa kongamano la haki za watoto.Kimetayarishwa kwa ajili ya UNICEF
by: Hodgkin, RachelNewell, Peter | ISBN: 92-806-3337-6
Descriptors: Children's rights; Children's status; Child labour; Child prostitution; CRC
Ministry of Community Development Gender and Children - Women Information Center