Folk Development Colleges Provision

Folk Development Colleges (FDCs) were established in 1975. So far there are 55 FDCs country wide with an average of 2 colleges per region in mainland Tanzania. Folk Development Colleges (FDCs) have been offering folk education since 1975. In 2009/2010 the colleges provided training to 31,039 participants including 4, 913 long course participants, 26,126 short and outreach course participant out of which 13,347 participants were trained by FDCs in collaboration with other Government and private institutions.

The objectives of the training are to equip the participants (Adult Tanzanians) with knowledge and skills that would enable them to be self employed and self-reliant. The training offered at the colleges also is aimed at enhancing their understanding as well as enabling them to solve their immediate problems that arise in the society.

The training is further aimed at strengthening their skills. The main skills provided include Agriculture, Carpentry, Masonry, Mechanics, Bicycle repair, Tailoring, Cookery etc. The general subjects provided aimed at widening their horizon include Environmental education, Gender, Civics, Leadership, Housekeeping, Principles of good governance and other subjects aimed at enhancing income generating activities such as Business, Entrepreneurship, Market and Credit referrals. Colleges are community based institutions supposed to avail public and private institutions and communities with facilities for their use. Facilities include classes, workshops, furniture, play grounds etc.

Colleges offer three types of course namely Long, Short and Outreach courses. Long course enrolls mainly young youth graduates from the primary and secondary education. Short and Outreach courses apart from taking care rural folk in their area of residences, also touch base with local communities particularly women and people with special needs such as people with disabilities, elderly and those unable to come to colleges because of their roles and responsibilities.

In 2008/2009 the Ministry established a very important programme that is “Skills Development Integrated with Simple and Appropriate Technology”. The main objective is to provide skills to the target groups accompanied with simple and appropriate technologies with the view to enabling them to excel in their productive endeavors. The technologies provided to 49 FDCs in 2009/2010 were power tillers, fuel conserving stoves, food processing devise, oxen and plough, push carts electricity generated by grinding machine devise.

FDCs are community based institutions at the exposure of community for utilization. Both public and private institutions are given opportunities to promote community development endeavors by introducing requisite innovations.