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Department of Community Development

1.0 The overall responsibilities of the Community Development Department are as follows:-
- To prepare and coordinate implementation of the Community Development Policy.
- To develop guidelines on participation of people in the process of community development using available local resources
- To advocate for the use of Community Development Technical Units in the planning and implementation of self-help projects
- Research, develop, disseminate and encourage the use of appropriate technologies as a means of improving productivity particularly in rural areas.
- To coordinate, supervise, follow-up and amend training curricular so that they are appropriate for use in Community Development Training Institutes and Folk Development Colleges.
- To track the performance of graduates of the Community Development Training Institutes with the view to improving the professional training.

2.0 The Department of Community Development has three Sections:-
- Community Development Programmes Section is responsible for developing Community development policy; programme to strengthen community development sector; disseminating appropriate technologies, rehabilitating and budgeting infrastructure of Community Development Institutes.

- Self-help Projects Section is responsible for developing and disseminating guidelines for peoples’ participation in self-help projects, proper use of Community Development Technicians in self-help projects, training/refresher workshops in participatory methods (including participation in combating HIV and AIDS) for community development field staff, developing inventory and monitoring professional performance of community development staff and coordinating Community Based Organizations.

- Community Development Training Institutes: This section is responsible for coordination and guidance of professional training in Community Development in 9 training institutes set up throughout the country.

- Tengeru (which offers a Bachelors Degree in; Community Development, Gender and Development and Project Planning and Management for a duration of 3 years each);
- Buhare, Monduli, and Rungemba (which offer a Diploma in Community Development for a duration of 2 years)
- Missungwi (which offers a Diploma in Community Development with Technical Skills for a duration of 2 years)
- Ruaha, Uyole and Mlale offers a certificate in Community Development for a duration of 2 years
- Mabughai offers a certificate in Community Development with Technical Skills for a duration of 2 years.