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Gender Department

The Department of Gender Development has two sections: Gender and Women. This Department was established in 2002 aiming at mainstreaming gender into sectorial policies, strategies and programmes. The department has one director and two assistant directors for each section.

To bring about gender equality and equity in the society.

To enhance capacity, gender equity and promote women rights.

1. Gender equality, equity and women rights promoted and safeguarded in the society.
- Women and Gender Development Policy
- National Gender Development Strategy
- Conventions, Declaration and Protocols on Gender equality
- Eradication of Gender based violence
- Women’s rights
- Review of Discriminatory laws and harmful traditions.
- Awareness creation.

2. Enhanced capacities for self help skills and income generation in societies
- The department of gender what actively does to enhance capacity for self help skills??? Is it orientation? Promotion of?
- Skills development.
- Economic empowerment.
- Accessibility to credit facilities.
- Marketing.
- Women economic groups formation
- Capacity building.

3. Gender issues mainstreamed into all policies, strategies and plans
- Skills development Manual.
- Revision of policies and strategies.
- Awareness creation.

4. Enhanced women participation in decision making for effective seizing of development opportunities
- Division of labour
- Gender roles and responsibilities.
- Equitable distribution of resources and income.
- Women participation in decision making

5. Strengthened advocacy programmes to effectively raise society’s awareness on gender issues
- Women and Gender Development Policy.
- National Gender Development Strategy
- National Plan of Action for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Children

5. Duties and Responsibilities
- Recommend Policy for Women in Development and Gender mainstreaming. Already said
- Design guidelines for implementation of policies and programmes.

3. Monitor implementation of guidelines.
4. Develop and enforce approved legislations.
5. Coordinate, monitor and evaluate implementation of sub-regional, regional and international commitments related to gender and development e.g. African Union (AU), SADC Declaration on Gender and Development, Great Lakes and East Africa on Gender and Community Development.
6. Coordinate, monitor and evaluate implementation of sub-regional, regional and International Conventions and Agreements related to women advancement (CEDAW) and Beijing, Platform for Action (PFA) and Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa.
7. Coordinate and facilitate the Tanzania Women’s Bank and economic empowerment.
8. Facilitate, supervise, issue guidelines and coordinate the Women Development Fund (WDF). facilitate access to credit systems for women in the country, monitor and evaluate it and e.g. Credit for Tanzania Women - CREW (T).
9. Plan, coordinate and manage resources in the Division.

Department Personnel
Julius Mbilinyi - Director

Women Development Section
Mboni Mgaza - Assistant Director

Gender Development Section
Mwajuma Magwiza- Assistant Director

10. Partners
- One UN
- European Union

11. Stakeholders
- GFP’s
- MDA’s
- CSO’s
- FBO’s
- Trade Unions