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NGO’s Coordination Division

The NGOs Coordination Division was established in 2006 under the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children. Before that, the NGOs Coordination was a Unit under Vice President Office. The Division is divided into two parts namely the Registration of NGOs Section and the NGOs Coordination and Monitoring Section.

The Director of NGOs Coordination Division is the head and Assistant Directors lead the Sections. According to the NGOs Act No. 24/ 2002 as amended in 2005, the Director is also the Registrar of NGOs in Tanzania Mainland. In view of the same Act, the Division is the Secretariat of the National NGOs Coordination Board. This Board is responsible for overseeing the NGOs Sector in Tanzania.

The Division also works closely with the National Council of NGOs which is the Self Regulatory Body of NGOs in the Country.

Vision of the Division:
NGOs operate freely and effectively contribute to social and economic development of the Tanzanian society

To facilitate effective NGOs participation in social and economic development and transformation of the country

To create an enabling environment for the NGOs to operate effectively and efficiently in the social and economic transformation of the country

Responsibility and Functions:
The Division is responsible for Registration of NGOs and Coordination and Monitoring of NGOs: The specific functions include:
(i) To prepare, review and supervise the implementation of National NGOs Policy, laws, regulations and guidelines on NGOs;
(ii) To prepare and implement public awareness raising programs on National NGOs Policy of 2001 and the NGOs Act, No. 24 of 2002;
(iii) To facilitate the National Council of NGOs to develop and implement NGOs Code of Conduct for NGOs Self Regulation;
(iv) To coordinate the signing of Agreements of Cooperation Between International NGOs and the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania;
(v) To review the applications for Certificate of NGOs Registration and Compliance from international, national, regional and district levels;
(vi) To prepare and submit proposals for registration and de-registration of NGOs to the National NGOs Coordination Board
(vii) To prepare and submit to the Board reports on the implementation of the National NGOs Policy of 2001, NGOs Act No. 24 of 2002 and guidelines for approval , decision making and advice;
(viii) To facilitate partnership between NGOs and other institutions at district, regional and national levels.
(ix) To facilitate the Regional and District NGOs Assistant Registrars to effective facilitate registration and coordination of NGOs at their respective levels;
(x) To maintain and update the National NGOs Coordination Database and the National Coordination website
(xi) To ensure NGOs programs reach the beneficiaries
(xii) To liaison with sectoral Ministries and NGOs for purpose of identifying NGOs contribution to social and economic development
(xiii) To monitor and evaluate NGOs activities
(xiv) To collect, analyze and provide information on Sources for NGOs’ Financial resources and Technical support

Services Provided by Department:
The Ministry through the Division provides NGOs Registration Services

Staff Profile:
Mr. Marcel.S. Katemba - Director

NGOs Registration Section:
Mr Baraka .I. Leonard- Assistant Director,

NGOs Coordination and Monitoring Section:
Ms. Tausi Mwilima - Assistant Director

Important Links:
Websites: http//www.tnnc.go.tz, http//www.nacongo.or.tz,

Policies and Legal Instruments: National NGO Policy of 2001, NGO Act No. 24/ 2002 and its Amendments of 2005, NGOs Code of Conduct

Reports: National NGOs Coordination Board Implementation Report for 2004-2005

Events and Pictures: The National NGOs Board meetings, NGOs activities and Programs and Stakeholders meetings and discussion

Non-Governmental Organization Forms:

NGOs Application and Amendment Forms:
NGO Registration Form No. 1, NGO Compliance Form No. 3, Changes of Particulars Form No. 9

NGO Report Forms: NGO Annual Report Form No. 10

Partners and Stakeholders:
National Council of NGOs, District and Regional Assistant Registrars, Development Partners and MDAs