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Department of Policy and Planning

The department of policy and planning is responsible for providing expertise in preparation and review of Community Development Sector policies, preparation of Ministry’s annual plans and budgets, implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of Community Development Projects and Plans.

The department of Policy and Planning is headed by the Director and comprises of three Sections as namely:
(i) Policy Section
(ii) Planning and Budgeting Section
(iii) Monitoring, Evaluation and Statistics Section

Responsibilities/Functions of the Department:
i. Coordinate preparation of Ministerial Plans and Budgets;
ii. Conduct monitoring and evaluation of Ministry’s projects;
iii. Coordinate Cabinet Secretariat issues;
iv. Coordinate policy analysis and review of the Ministry’s policies;
v. Coordinate preparation of action plans;
vi. Coordinate preparation of quarterly, mid-year and annual performance reports;
vii. Manage the socio-economic data/information storage system and Community Development Sector Statistics.