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Deputy Minister challenging female students in Iringa

Deputy Minister of Community Development, Gender and Children, Hon. Ummy Mwalimu challenged girls while emphasizing importance of education rather than engaging in sexual acts that can threat their studies.

Hon. Ummy Mwalimu spoke passionately with a great number of girls during a visit conducted at the Iringa Girls Secondary School in Makambako and at Maria Nyerere Secondary School situated in Njombe district.

During these meetings she said Tanzania would not have stable development if large percentage of women were to remain illiterate. She clarified that women are the ones taking care of family and children upbringing. She emphasized that one of the Millennium Development Goal (MDG3) was to create gender equality in education at primary, secondary and higher learning levels.

Deputy Minister told the students that government has taken purposed measures to improve education opportunity for girls. “While the country has managed to recruit many girls in primary education and secondary education, I am disgusted to see a large number of girls are unable to proceed to secondary school because of teenage pregnancy and school absenteeism” she expressed. She insisted that smart girls were for education and not else.

Hon Ummy, asked the girls to see her as a model how a female student can reach far if emphasis is placed on education. Then she stressed that she also studied at governmental schools from primary to secondary schools as they are.

“My best friends, you’re Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Directors, Regional and District commissioners, Economists and Doctors who are to come. I see Anna Makinda type after next ten years”. That statement overjoyed the students and made them shout for joy.

Hon Ummy Mwalimu with Maria Nyerere Secondary school students in Iringa.

She insisted with female students to use golden opportunities they’ve been granted while many boys with similar qualification to join secondary school could not be elected to continue.

Hon. Mwalimu challenged them questioning why boys were ahead comparing to girls in schools, and asking what was so special of them. The girls replied ........nothing…!!!!!!!

Hon. Ummy said if Tanzania managed to fulfill perfectly the MDG number three, which is gender equality and women’s empowerment, then it will be a cause for the nation to accomplish other goals as number four (Child Health), and number five (Maternal Health) and six (AIDS prevention).

Iringa girls Secondary school students listening attentively to Deputy Minister for Community Development, gender and children, Honourable Ummy Mwalimu .

Hon, Ummy Mwalimu explained then that main purpose of her visit was to emphasize education for girls. And enable them to build a sense of confidence in having achievable goals through education and benefit from various opportunities available.

Also, she wanted to monitor performance of operations at the existing Institutions. A particular attention was given to the Women development Fund (WDF) and Community Centers present in the region of Iringa, that depend on the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children.

Deputy Minister for Community Development, Gender and Children, Hon. Ummy Mwalimu gives advices to students of Makambako Secondary School.

Also during her tour in Iringa Region, the Deputy Minister visited the Focal Development Colleges of Njombe, Ulembwe and Ilul and the Community Development Training Institutes of Ruaha and Rugemba. Here she spoke with college staffs and audited colleges’ operation.

Hon. Mwalimu talked visited also council staffs of the department of social development of Iringa Municipal, Njombe and Kilolo.