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I Discovered That a Different Life Was Possible

WIW staffs meet regularly every two weeks with Star Shinning Group (a group of women formed and organized by the WIW in Mamtukuna FDC) to discuss various issues concerning the group. During a meeting one of the group member, Balbina Kimashele Tesha (57) gave positive feedback on the money she received from other members of Star Shinning Group.

Balbina was given 24,000 Tanzania shillings to run a small business of selling fruits such a banana, avocados and oranges. She was selling those fruits around Mamtukuna FDC. Her business flourished and yielded to a total amount of 150,000 Tanzania shillings.

Balbina now has improved her standard of life and is also able to contribute to the school fees of her two sons at secondary level, moreover she can afford to buy other basic needs such as food, clothes and shelter.

She was grateful to WIW staff as they have enabled her to be independent while before she was continuously depending to get food from good Samaritan people.

Balbina comes now every month to give feedback to the WIW staffs and inform them on how her business is increasing.