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Impact of Family Poverty on Childred Development

Development is a wide topic and may include education, health and other aspects. Here we look at develop differently, sticking much on what cognitive development is, Usually poverty affects development directly and indirectly. Physical development can be affected directly while cognitive development has indirectly relations and causes.

Poverty gets its way to affect children through morbidity, and through casual means like parent characteristics, family process like separation, divorce and stress.

Family income has also been found to be predictive of children cognitive development and mental health. Where it’s obvious that family income directly regulates health condition, type of housing, food availability, financial constraints could hinder development via distinctive mechanisms.

Due to financial deficiency, poor families will not be able to provide intellectual motivation to their children like text books, playing toys, adequate
day care or preschool education, that instead is critical for the development of the children.

Studies recognize that another notable characteristic of family’s poverty, which leads to under develop children cognitively, is when parents might have chronic stress.
As usually poverty may bring about stress, parents feel that they are not receiving enough mental support.

Then, it might be common to find that parents will apply very cruel punitive measures to their children, for instance yelling at them, shouting, and even slapping rather than showing affection to them by hugging and cuddling.

Being exposed to long-term harsh atmosphere at home children translate feelings into insecure emotionally detached children to their parents. The successive behavioural hitches will be poor goal orientation, low self esteem, lack social competence, lack of self confidence and inconsistent character and conduct.

It is here up to parents and community in general to make efforts and ensure they work hard on fighting poverty in the family. Parents should determine their roles in the family by engaging in productive works. Parents should build a sense of belonging to their children.

A child comes from the security of mother’s womb throughout the nine months which can give a whole picture on how parents should be conscious and ready on finding ways to satisfy child’s mental and physical needs.

The Minister of Community Development, Gender and Children, Hon. Sophia Simba, on her remarks for commemoration of International Family Day said that the society should use present opportunities, by joining different income generating such as SACCOS, to get rid of poverty within the family.

She further argued that an increased production of food and cash crops, irrigation, animal husbandry as cows, goats, poultry and fishing will raise incomes in the family.

When families provide basic needs to their children will make them experience direction, constancy and even confidence.

Therefore here it shows how much important is fight poverty at family level and affirm that children are the nation of tomorrow.

Finally we cannot forget that only people with social competence will protect Tanzanian natural resources.

Moreover, when parents convey pleasures and say: you are our child, you belong to us; we are happy that you are here; we accept you just the way you are; we like being with you, we protect you; we are interested in your abilities and take responsibility for your physical and emotional development; we feel what you feel, and much more- they provide the basis for every child cognitive development.