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Thanks to Rungemba of WIW

Three girls named Bertha Mtalo, Onorina Mgana and Yasinta Kifunge, who were students at Rungemba CDTI, soon after they took the certificate in Community Development came to our office and inquired on job adverts.

They have heard from their fellows that the Women Information Window in Rungemba was providing orientation and counselling to look for a job. The girls were very much interested in a vacancy at the police post but they did not know how to apply and how to write their CV.

The WIW officer registered their names and gave them an appointment to meet the next day. During the meeting the girls were taught how to write application letters as well as their CV but also how to collect other Documents, Academic Certificates and passport size pictures as it was required to access the Police Training College.

Fortunately after one month all of their names appeared on the Newspaper as they were shortlisted for an interview in Dar es Salaam.

They three girls went to Dar-Es-Salaam and attended the interview. Later on they have been appointed to attend Police Training at Moshi Police Training College in Kilimanjaro Region for six Months.

“Thanks to the WIW in Rungemba CDTI” said the three girls that now are police officers. Bertha Mtallo was appointed in Bukoba, Kagera Region, Onorina Mgana at Geita in Mwanza Region and Yasinta Kifunge in Tabora.