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The Ministry celebrates the International Family Day

Minister of Community Development, Gender and Children, Hon Sophia Simba has induced family members and community in general to be more responsible of children care and upbringing. This objective can be reached by increasing speed in productive works and income revenue so that parents will be able to serve their family effectively.

Hon. Sophia Simba spoke with reporters during the celebration of the International Family Day celebrated on 15th May 2011, in Dar es Salaam . She remembered that children from poor families have limited chances to access education causing obstacles on children development.

She stressed that in 2007, still 16.6 % of Tanzanians were poor in starvation (Household based Survey 2007) and those who resulted stunted were mainly children, because of malnutrition. She also recalled the phenomenon of dropping out from schools, while the government is now providing free education at primary level to support poor families.

Sticking on the theme of the year “Fighting poverty in the family is everyone’s responsibility” the Minister highlighted impacts on social economical and health condition of each family due to poverty, inviting everyone to take his/her responsibility to tackle it.

Again she recalled that good condition of children depend on good service and care they receive from the family and community at large.

Simba explained various steps undertaken by the government in fighting against poverty and prepare better environment. Among these are included the “Agriculture first (Kilimo Kwanza)” and MKUKUTA as plans to improve citizen’s life condition, building economical capacity and broad understanding to eradicate poverty.

Minister of Community Development, Gender and Children, Hon Sophia Simba speaking to journalists in Dar es Salaam regarding everyone’s duty on the International Family Day 2011.

The Minister added that the government has been offering numerous opportunities for citizens to give loans with simple terms and regulation to fight poverty in families.

On the same line she encouraged citizens to join savings and credit unions such as SACCOS, Community Banks and other Banks.

Moreover, she insisted that citizens should organize income earning groups which will enable them to acquire simple terms loans from either private or Government Institutions such as Women Development Fund and Tanzania Women Bank. “Families should have enough knowledge about opportunities and use of available resources for development of family and nation as a whole” she said.

Hon. Sophia Simba stressed how families and communities should recognize contribution of women in the family and national development and called for women to be self committed and confident in productive activities and leadership. She added that the government would continue with its efforts in increasing women capacity to produce income, education, marketing and loans for women.

However, she suggested media practitioners to put emphasis and educate citizens about importance of the International Family Day.

Taking advantage of the present opportunities, such as joining SACCOS, will lead to a reduction of poverty in families, increase production of food crops, cash crops, irrigation, and animal husbandry as cows, goats, poultry and fishing to raise incomes.

Also she stressed that media practitioners should educate families on having a number of children whom they would be able to take care of and revealing on women contribution in family development.
Minister of Community Development, Gender and Children, Hon Sophia Simba reading her speech about the International Family Day

Media practitioners were also required to instruct families regarding the use of agriculture tools in order to increase productivity in agriculture. Simba also emphasized on the importance of stopping laziness, drunkenness and invest in education for children considering them as foundation for our future.

Every year, on 15th May country members of the United Nations celebrate the International Family Day, as per declaration Number 47/237 passed on 20 September, 1993.

Tanzania joins with other members of the coalition of United Nations the celebration of this day that in 2011 was commemorated at regional level.