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National Plan of Action to end VAWC in Tanzania

The Agenda 2030 makes an explicit, bold, and universal commitment to ending violence against
women and children in all its forms as part of an integrated agenda for investing in the
protection and empowerment of women and children. Prior to the development of this National
Plan of Action to End Violence Against Women and Children (NPA-VAWC 2017/18 –
2021/22), Tanzania had eight (8) different plans of action to address various aspects of
preventing violence against women, violence against children, and gender based violence, each
with their own unique coordination structures, activities, monitoring and evaluation structures,
and communication strategies.
With the creation of this single, comprehensive, NPA-VAWC, Tanzania has consolidated the
prevention of violence agenda into one document that recognizes that violence occurs on a
continuum, that violence in childhood has an impact on a person’s health and well-being well
into adulthood, that violence is cyclical and that addressing violence in childhood will also
reduce violence against women, that violence is interpersonal as well as intergenerational, and
impacts individual, family, and community health and well-being. The NPA-VAWC envisions a
Tanzania where women and children enjoy their right to an environment free from all forms of
The NPA-VAWC was developed through a consultative and comprehensive process that
galvanized stakeholders to conceive of an action plan that would consider the lessons learned,
best practices, and new innovative measures to address violence against women and children in
Tanzania. Stakeholders were taken through a series of discussions that looked at information
garnered from desk reviews, evaluations of existing strategies, as well as new frameworks of
thinking such as the seven (7) INSPIRE strategies set out by the Global Partnership to End
Violence Against Children.
With facilitation, stakeholders initially identified 18 issues specific to the Tanzanian context that
they subsequently placed within eight thematic areas. Stakeholders then embarked on an
intensive exercise of identifying activities and subsequently costing those activities, ultimately
developing a five-year National Plan of Action with the ultimate goal of eliminating all forms of
violence against women and children in Tanzania.
For Tanzania, the NPA-VAWC represents a strategic shift in thinking about how Tanzania will
address the problem of violence against women and children. Instead of focusing on
interventions that are issue based, Tanzania will now focus on building systems that both prevent
violence against women and children in all its forms, and respond to the needs of
victims/survivors. This undertaking is immense in that it requires not only a high level of
coordination and cooperation among all duty bearers, but also entails taking concrete steps
toward bridging the public and private spheres and reaching communities, families, and
individuals – including children – and reshaping perceptions of violence as well as gender roles
between men and women.

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