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WIC Newletters | In this 3rd adition , in the section ISSUES, we are bringing you two articles. The first one is to inform you about the opening, officiated by Dr Asha Rose Migiro (MP), Minister for Community Development, Gender and Children, of a vocational training centre for children living in difficult circumstances in Bunju A, in the outskirt of Dar es Salaam. The second one is the summary of a presentation made…

WIC Newletters | The current issue of WIC News is focusing on: the economic empowerment of women, the rights of children born out of wedlock; the role of women in the Great Lakes Region and the clients of the new WIC's service. In particular, in the section ISSUES, the first article offers an overview of the recommendations of the Tanzania Women Lawyers Association (TAWLA) on how to improve the life and guarantee the…

WIC Newletters | We are presenting you the number 15 of the WIC News Bulletin, which contains a strong emphasis on the Great Lake Region Conference and in particular on related events focusing on gender issues.
In particular the first article in the section THE MINISTRY IN ACTION proposes the full text of the speech of Dr. Asha Rose Migiro, Hon minister for Community Development, Gender and Children at the event…

WIC Newletters | We are happy to present you the issue no 13 of the WIC News Bulletin. On this issues , we present an article on the Increased Awareness of the Gender Issues in Society and another on the International Conference on FGM, Developing a Political, Legal and Social Environment to Implement the Maputo Protocol. On the Ministry in Action, we bring you two articles, one is on the Understanding the Causes of…

WIC Newletters | We are happy to present you the issue no. 11 of the WIC News Bullettin. In this number under Issues we present you two articles: one on Malaria in Pregnancy, with information about the recommended actions to be taken in order to reduce malaria prevalence and its consequences among pregnant women, and the second one on Vocational training in Tanzania, giving indication about institutions where these…

WIC Newletters | WIC News June 2004

WIC Newletters | "The International Day of Families provides an opportunity to promote awareness of issues relating to families as well as to promote appropriate action"

WIC Newletters | Welcome to issue no 8 of the WIC News bulletin. You will find issues on Child Domestic Labour in Tanzania and on Creative Job Hunting. The Ministry in Action section brings you one article on what the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children Mrs. Hilda Ausi Gondwe said at the Golden Tulip Hotel when she was closing a four days planning workshop on Early Childhood…

WIC Newletters | The highlight of this issue of the WIC News bulletin is to the International Women’s Day 2004 (IWD) celebrations, held in South Unguja region, Zanzibar. On the Issues section, we present an article on the wives of Diplomatic Corps giving aid to two orphan centers, and another on the Women’s Information Centre (WIC) representing the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children…

WIC Newletters | We are happy to present you issue no 6 of the Wic News bulletin. In this issue you will find an interview in the section The Ministry in Action, with the new Director of Administration and Personnel (DAP), Mr. Thomas G.R. Sowani, who was the DAP in the Ministry of Communication and Transport, and has now joined the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children (MCDGC) since November 2003.…

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