MCDGC Publication

Assessment of Feasibility of A Women Business Incubator

Although women's participation in the Micro and Small Enterprise sector in Tanzania has increased dramatically in the past 20 years, women enterprises remain in the low profit, low growth areas. They are stifled by limited education, lack of skills and business experience, limited access to support services and an adverse regulatory and cultural environment (ILO, 2002 & 2003). Numerous interventions are yet to produce notable results in yielding more growth of women-owned enterprises.

The national Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Development policy, developed by the SME section of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, has singled out development of business incubators as one of the priority areas and is in the process of establishing a National Business Incubator Programme, as a framework for guiding all the incubation initiatives.

Submitted By: Dr. Marcellina M. Chijoriga, Faculty Of Commerce And Management, University Of Dar Es Salaam