MCDGC Publication

Tenders (bids) for proposed construction of various types of workshops in five regions

The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania through the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children during the financial year 2011/2012 has received funds from Canadian International Cooperation Agency (CIDA) towards Vocational Education Training alongside with Provision of Folk Education in Folk Development Colleges in Tanzania and intends to apply part of the funds to cover eligible payments under the contract for the following contracts:-
• Construction of 5 workshops in 5 identified FDC’ in Tanzania Mainland, namely Handeni FDC, Mbinga FDC, Nzega FDC, Ikwiriri FDC and Kisangwa FCD
• Supply of six (6) power tillers for FDC.
• Supply of local made hard wood double decker & mattresses
• Supply of tools and instruments for workshops.

The Permanent Secretary through the Daily News has invited open tenders for the above on 2nd June, 2012 which was followed by clarification on 4th June, 2012.

Deadline for submission of the above tenders is 28th June, 2012.