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Implementation of Resolution 58/143 and 58/185

The Government of Tanzania through the Ministry of Community Development Gender and Children, promotes among others the rights of women and children in the country. The Gender Machinery has been responsible for policy formulation of activities through the normal government structures. In its effort to bring about gender equality, the Government has in place the National Development Vision 2025 which among other things analyses the poverty situation by gender and emphasizes on the importance of accessibility and affordability of social services. Plans have been prepared to realize the Vision 2025 which include among others, the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) which identifies gender as crosscutting in all sectors.

There is also a Women and Gender Development Policy which was adopted in 2000, having been reviewed from the Women in Development Policy of 1992. The Policy provides for women empowerment by giving more opportunities to women in all spheres including politics, leadership positions, management and economic development. Alongside with these initiatives, there have been efforts to protect and promote rights and welfare of women.

National Efforts to Protect and Promote Rights and Welfare of Women as an effort to implement Resolution 58/143 and 58/185

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