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Organisational Assessment of key actors in Gender Equality development in Tanzania

The establishment of the Gender Basket Fund is an effort of the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children (MCDGC) to mobilize resources for bridging the financial gap for the implementation of its Strategic Plan (SP), with a focus on mainstreaming the prioritized four main areas of gender concerns enhancement of women’s legal capacity; economic empowerment of women and poverty eradication; women’s political empowerment and decision making; and women’s access to education, training and employment.

Although the preferred Government financing modality is through the General Budget Support (GBS), the Ministry’s allocation through that channel is significantly insufficient. To ensure the Strategic Plan is adequately resourced, the MCDGC negotiated with Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs (MOFEA) and was granted permission to establish a Basket Fund to supplement the funds allocated through the GBS Modality. The basket fund would be a three years initiative serving as a temporary measure while building its capacity to compete effectively for resource allocation through GBS.

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