MCDGC Publication

Tanzania Law Reform Report on Children

This report addresses itself on the need to reform the Law Relating to Children in Tanzania. It is a result of concerted efforts of the Law Reform Commission of Tanzania in conjuction with
various government departments, the UNICEF, the Ford Foundation as well as other interested persons and institutions. Before the take off of the research, there were already general indications and fears that the present law and practice relating to children s problems in various socio-economic circumstances has been over-taken by the ever changing circumstances.

Out of this general concern, the Commission set up a Working Group for the purposes of examining the problem in Tanzania in view of the existing legal provisions and similar experiences elsewhere. The composition of the Working Group is shown on page iv of this report. The Research into this branch of law has not been an easy task (It has taken about four years to complete) It involved, inter alia a lot of consultations and study of various complex statutes on Child Law To a great extent, completion of this report has been facilitated by the recent coming into effect of the UN Convention the Rights of Children.