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The Contribution of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to the Development of Education in Tanzania

The purpose of this paper is to facilitate understanding by education stakeholders of the role of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and community based organizations (CBOs) in the development of education in Tanzania, It is hoped that this understanding would improve partnership between the Government, the private sector, and civil society and promote transparency and accountability among them.

The understanding would also enable the international community and, specifically, development partners working in Tanzania to monitor effective participation of civil society organizations as provided for in such instruments as the Cotonou Agreement (EC, 2000) and to increase their support to these organizations. This understanding seeks to encourage public schools and other education institutions to work in partnership with civil society organizations (CSOs), to appreciate the latter‟s‟ role and contribution to the development of education and to work better with government and other non-state actors to improving access to equity in and quality and management of education in rural and urban areas.