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The Women's Information Centre (WIC) was established in 1997 at the then Ministry of Community Development Women Affairs and Children (MCDWAC), in Dar es Salaam with the technical assistance of the Italian Association of Women for Development (AIDOS), identified by the Governments of Italy to implement a programme of cooperation developed in different phases aiming at enhance women's condition in Tanzania.

Women's Information Centre (WIC)

The WIC was set up to be a tool that increases visibility of the policies elaborated by the Ministry and strengthen its institutional and managerial gender-oriented capacity to raise women’s empowerment in Tanzania.

The Ministry was enabled to take part at International and Pan-African platforms on women's role and gender equality and women empowerment. At national level, the WIC attended national events together with the Ministry, including the International Women’s Days, International Trade Fair Week (SabaSaba) and National Farmers Day (NaneNane), advocating for dissemination of information for women.

The WIC also promotes ongoing dialogue with the civil society by undertaking collaborations with TAMWA (media campaigns); TAWLA (legal sector, advocacy and lobby MPs), TGNP (capacity building for LGAs) and other organizations engaged in women rights, gender equality and women empowerment

To date, the WIC became a focal point for the National Gender Machinery for networking and contacting women’s stakeholders and media practitioners producing essential information that contribute to the Ministry’s development.

Additionally, the WIC promotes capacity building for the staff of the Ministry on gender planning, gender based violence, children and community development, project management and communication skills. Training courses are conducted throughout the country to improve understanding and professionalism of Local Government Authorities and Ministerial personnel and respond to the existing gender inequality and poverty concerns.

In 2004, the WIC opened the Women Information Window (WIW) at WIW headquarter based on an Italian best practise of orientation and advice for women in need about job, learning opportunities and labour market access. In 2008, the WIC extended its service towards women entrepreneurship development and facilitated the establishment of the Tanzania Women’s Bank.

In 2009, the Ministry funded by Italian Government, through UN Women and technically assisted by AIDOS, decided to replicate the experience of the WIW and piloting 4 new WIW at peripheral areas, located at the Monduli CDTI in Arusha, Rungemba CDTI in Iringa, Bigwa FDC in Morogoro and Mamtukuna FDC in Rombo, Kilimanjaro regions.

The WIC aims to be a reputable, competent and reliable provider of professional services and information materials to consult women, community, ministries and stakeholders concerned on gender equality, children rights and women empowerment. The WIC’s engagement to increase women access to information intends to meet national growth and gender equality in Tanzania.

To do this, the WIC is coordinating with similar international and national organizations, documenting, counselling and proposing open consultation on the implementation and development of Gender policies amongst the Ministry and communities.