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A wide collection of national and international materials published and unpublished, in both languages, English and Kiswahili on the situation of women, children rights, women’s rights, gender mainstreaming and a series of issues concerning the MCDGC’s mandate is available at the Documentation Centre.

Its users mostly include Ministry's staff, government officials, students, researchers, journalists, representatives of NGOs and international organizations

Objectives of the WIC Documentation Centre
The WIC Documentation centre has been established as a tool of empowerment for its users, in particular ministerial staff who benefits of its collection
The dissemination of information has been identified as a vital tool in development and empowerment processes: individuals and organizations can make right and appropriate decisions only through correct and current information and knowledge.

The WIC documentation centre has a specific objective in collecting, organizing and disseminating information about women's status in the world, with a focus about Tanzania, and a special interest to researches and planning activities of the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children.

Aiming at the achievement of its objective, the WIC Documentation centre foresees:
a) To select, acquire, process and maintain various types of information materials and books.
b) To facilitate user's access to the information materials through the provisions of skilled services.
c) To ensure information sharing through collaboration and networking with other resource centres, locally and internationally.

The Collection
The WIC Documentation Centre collects national and international, published and unpublished materials in English and Kiswahili, such as books, journals, research reports, conference and seminar papers, newsletters, newspapers and press clippings, brochures, training manuals, audiovisuals and multimedia materials. Main themes of the collection, strongly focus on women, include human rights, gender, health (in particular sexual reproductive health and female genital mutilation), children rights, development, technology, agriculture, education and training, economics and labour market (with a special focus on microenterprises), ecology and environment.

The collection includes also reference materials like almanacs, handbooks, directories, dictionaries etc. A special section has been created for governmental documents, including policy papers, judicial writings, reports, speeches, projects and development programmes. In this section there have also been collected materials related to projects such as Training Fund for Tanzania Women (TFTW) funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

The WIC Documentation Centre is equipped with a computerized system to catalogue all materials which are processed using CDS/ISIS software of UNESCO customized by AIDOS. This system allows users to access information from the same database in both Kiswahili and English. Information is indexed through a Gender and Development (GAD) thesaurus in Kiswahili and English, developed to this purpose.

This on-line catalogue enables access to the collection also to remote users, by giving possibility to browse the catalogue, get bibliographic details about over 2,054 documents present and send queries for more information.

The WIC Documentation Centre is open to the public every day from 8 am to 3.30 pm and offers:
Access to a bibliographic database for users that can search and identify information they need through the WIC Thesaurus, in English and Kiswahili, by typing simple key words. These are developed to suit readers’ research accordingly to different subjects. . For each document has been also developed an abstract to help users in identifying contents and evaluating its relevance

Question and answer service on the research for users is provided while performing researches on literature or if they have requested specific information. Also, users can make queries and receive relative clarification

A literature list on special subject is available upon request

A complete bibliography of all documents available at the WIC Documentation Centre is recorded within updated bibliography. ,

Current awareness service is given Every month through special section of the WIC Newsletter by presenting new documents' accessions and suggestions for in depth thematic study.

Internet facilitates and networking allows searching of information materials from different sources according to user's needs

Briefing sessions are conducted in collaboration with national and international experts on selected topic that concern the Ministry and its mandate.

Documents' loans is allowed only for Ministerial personnel but for outsiders, the photocopy service can be provided at the WIC office in a low price compared to commercial rates

A users' guide is available at the Documentation Centre with all the information about services offered and set up of the WIC.

A visitor's book is used to evaluate services and improve accordingly with users’ needs