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1. The WIC Documentation Centre, offers a wide collection of national and international materials related to women, children and community development issues, with a special focus on gender and micro enterprise. The documentation centre is open daily to the public and utilizes the UNESCO cataloguing system CDS/ISIS for Windows customized by AIDOS to ensure availability of both languages, in English and Kiswahili.

2. Production and distribution of monthly WIC Newsletters and Digests to present informative materials about policies and activities undertaken in and out the Ministry concerning gender issues and collect press releases and media outlooks on relevant topics at national and international level.

3. Communication and informative materials for the visibility of the Ministry are also produced in specific occasions when the WIC arranges photo exhibition and display of women products.

4. The Women Information Window is a unique service in the national territory boosting women prospects at professional level and allowing access to different services that women are often missing. The service is open three times per week to the public offering consultancy to women and girls about job, training and scholarship opportunities, information on free legal aid, health issues, women entrepreneurship through face to face consultation and orientation accordingly to users’ needs.

Information is collected from a range of collaborators identified in the territory and newspapers available in the country and stored in a database regularly updated. The WIW also conducts briefing sessions for women in the territory related to labour market, employment and life skills but also gender based violence and children rights producing informative materials for its users and public in general.

5. A programme of capacity building is provided through trainings to Ministerial personnel and Local Government Authorities to improve institutional and managerial capacities in the implementation of the National Strategy for Growth and Poverty Reduction for Tanzania Mainland (NSGPR), Mkukuta II and towards the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The Women Information Window (WIW)
The women information window (WIW) is a service available at the Women’s Information Centre (WIC) within the Ministry of Community Development Gender and Children in Dar es Salaam and at the four selected structures i.e at Monduli, Rungemba CDTIs and Bigwa and Mamtukuna FDCs.

We provide women with updated information on Job, educational/scholarship opportunities and where to get legal aid, to report for Gender based violence, health and credit opportunities.
- Visiting days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9.00 am - 2:30 pm
- Database of job-scholarship-training opportunities
- Successful stories
- Network/list of contacts